About The Producers

The Jezebeth Franchise is the creation of Filmmaker Damien Dante and Record Label President Jeffrey A Swanson. The two entrepreneurs meet at the Portage Theater in Chicago for the screening of Damien Dantes feature film “The Blind And The Dead”. Jeffrey was impressed with the fact that Damien had completed a full length horror film in about one year. The two talked about making a film together and soon the dream had become a reality. Damien Dante had already been working on a screenplay and brought up a few different names including Jezebeth. The name was perfect, Jezebeth ”The Demon of Falsehoods and Lies”. The two acquired the website domain and then went on a life changing quest to create a vampire horror film unlike any other. In less than three years the two partners along with their hand picked cast and crew had completed their full length vampire horror film Jezebeth.
  • Cast

    • JezebethBree Michaels
    • Madeline MaserLenora Blandy
    • Amanda JeanLamia Blandy
    • Katie AuerbachJustina
    • Colleena CorriganFatima
    • Galina EmmerichLucia Blandy
    • Kelsey KozakAbigail Blandy
    • Jeff SwanReverend Andrew Blandy
    • Drake MefesttaHimself
    • Baby D. FrostHerself
    • Gregg PotterHimself
    • Wolf McKinneyHimself
    • Davita RangerHerself


    • DirectorDamien Dante
    • WriterDamien Dante
    • ProducersDamien Dante and Jeffrey A Swanson
    • Executive ProducerDamien Dante
    • Executive ProducerJeffrey A Swanson
    • Executive ProducerLloyd Freeze
    • EditorBrian Tedeschi
    • ScoreDavid E. Tedeschi
    • CinematographyDan Manzella